Was sind die effektivsten Influencer-Marketingstrategien?

Infografik zum Stand des Influencer-Marketings

Brian Wallace teilte die Geschichte, Evolution und die Zukunft des Influencer-Marketings that did a fantastic job of defining the influencer and how brands were interacting with them. I’ve been very outspoken about how brands work with influencers and vice versa and I believe this infographic from MDG Advertising does an exceptional job in detailing what a successful influencer marketing relationship looks like.

Die Infografik, Der Stand des Influencer-Marketings: Was jede Marke wissen muss, diskutiert die effektivsten Taktiken und Ansätze für Influencer Marketing.

Effektivste Influencer-Marketing-Taktik

  • https://martech.zone/neverbounce-referralLaufende Botschafter - Derzeit habe ich eine laufende Botschaft bei Agorapulse. It may be one of the best relationships I’ve ever had with a brand. I pursued a relationship with Agorapulse after I was frustrated with other social media platforms when handling a plethora of social media accounts. The user interface works very much like a task list or inbox, where your teams can easily manage external interactions. The combination of my reach and my passion for their product opened a door where Emeric and his team signed me up for the Ambassador program. Without any pressure, and full disclosure, I speak about Agorapulse when people are seeking a platform to manage their social media.
  • Produktbewertungen - Shure hat mir eine gesendet MV88 microphone for my iPhone about a year ago to test. The expectation was that I’d share my review online and then return the microphone. Shure realized they had a fantastic product and wanted to market through podcasters with influence. Well, I fell in love with the microphone so deeply that I continue to show it to everyone… and I asked Shure if I could keep it.
  • Marken-Erwähnungen - Neverbounce ist ein Unternehmen, das Unternehmen dabei hilft, ihre E-Mail-Datenbank frei von problematischen Adressen zu halten, die sich negativ auf ihre Fähigkeit auswirken könnten, in den Posteingang ihrer Abonnenten zu gelangen. Ich habe einen Artikel, Warum, Wie und Wo Sie Ihre E-Mail-Marketinglisten online überprüfen können, der von Lesern regelmäßig gelesen wird, um nach Lösungen wie dieser zu suchen, damit Neverbounce Kontakt aufnimmt. Nachdem ich ihre Plattform zusammen mit anderen getestet hatte, wusste ich, dass sie das beste Produkt auf dem Markt hatten, und nahm daher ein Angebot an, ihren Service in diesem Beitrag prominent darzustellen. Selbstverständlich zeigen wir auch eine vollständige Offenlegung.
  • Ereignisberichterstattung – With our publication and our portable studio, I’m often asked to cover events in exchange for pay, travel, and expenses to events. At the event, we publish articles, record podcasts, do Facebook Live sessions, and live-tweet the events. I’ve even brought staff to develop highlight brochures to mail home with attendees after the events. Most recently, I did this for Dell World where I partnered with Mark Schaefer on their Luminaries podcast. An incredible event and opportunity. Aside from being up on the stage, this is my favorite way to experience a conference!
  • Sponsored Inhalt – While I don’t mind sponsored content, I really am picky about the companies with a partner with. They truly have to be leaders in their market segment and provide value to our readers, listeners, and followers. If it puts my brand at risk, I won’t do it. I’ve turned a ton of companies down over the years because I couldn’t vouch for the company or product. You’ll often find sponsored content in the way of the Marketing-Events, die wir teilen.

Marketers say the most effective content comes from credible, experienced influencers. Of course, I agree with this. I believe credible, experienced influencers have spent years, perhaps decades, building their authority in their industry. With an investment like that, they would not easily just put themselves out for sale to the highest bidder. I’m certain I could double or triple my influencer marketing revenue, but I simply won’t do it at the expense of losing respect by my readers. What I’m paid by a brand doesn’t compare to the effort it took for me to build my credibility, and I won’t risk it.

Der Stand des Influencer-Marketings: Was immer eine Marke wissen muss

Infografik zum Stand des Influencer-Marketings

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