Vieräugige Monster

vieräugige Monster

This is a spectacular independent film and perhaps the future of film distribution. It's more targeted to folks like my son, but I still enjoyed it. The story accurately depicts all the awkwardness of getting into a relationship. It's slightly edgy at times, but I suppose that's realistic (and I am getting old). The messages behind the movie are timely and valid for any teenager, discovering themselves and each other in their young lives.

Die Regisseure werden jetzt von Spout gesponsert - jede Person, die sich anmeldet, gibt Spout 1 US-Dollar, um den Film zu bezahlen. Auch die Website hat ein Geschäft, in dem Sie den Film herunterladen, die DVD bestellen, ein Shirt kaufen usw. können.

Trailer für vieräugige Monster

Der gesamte Film ist ab 1 Woche verfügbar Youtube. It's a cool movie – check it out. I would love to see a movie like this provide enough income for the directors to continue their work. Isn't that a fantastic means of marketing and distributing movies? I don't believe you will find a movie with the honesty and realism of Four Eyed Monsters in any mainstream production company.

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