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I love sharing stats… so here’s a segment of stats of referring sources to my blog here. One of the items that you’ll notice is that StumbleUpon is fast becoming a great referral resource for my site. Both the quantity and the quality of those hits are exceptional, you’ll note that a majority of visitors stick around for more than one page.

Google Analytics Referrers

StumbleUpon simply makes it simple to review sites. I utilize a StumbleUpon toolbar in Firefox that sends me to pages that I may be interested in, allows me to state whether or not I like them, allows me to review the pages that I’ve selected AND allows me to network with other folks that use the service. Wow!

Ironically, you do have to ‘stumble’ around their site. They still need a Usability Engineer to help map the site out… either way it’s a winner though. I love it for the visitors that it brings me, as well as the great networking and bookmarking features. It’s simple and lightweight! I also hope that they continue to expand their categories. They are a little better than Digg, but still tough to segment.

Besuchen Sie My StumbleUpon page. Today you’ll find that I ‘stumbled upon’ this incredible site: Billy Harvey. The Flash work, the navigation on the site, the effects of the music changing location as you navigate…. wow. What an incredible site! You may or may not like the music (he sings to it!). I’m just in awe of the site.


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    Funny thing – I was checking my blog stats last night and noticed that Stumbleupon had sent me XNUMX new visitors. For me, that represents XNUMX% of my traffic for the day – and I had never heard of Stumbleupon before…must be because you linked me up some how. Can’t thank you enough, Doug, for everything you do. Keep doin it!! The check’s in the mail (hee hee).

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