Schauen Sie sich diesen Aufruf zum Handeln an!

If you’re reading this post from my feed or email, be sure to click through to the Post für das Callout!

Eine der Herausforderungen in der Restaurantindustrie is working with folks that don’t have time to test their marketing nor play with technology as often as they should. Thankfully, our Director of Marketing, Marty Bird, is helping our customers bridge that gap with monthly newsletters packed with info.

In our most recent newsletter, Marty spoke about the importance of a call to action. If you’ve got a single page in your website, or a single email that goes out, without a call to action – you’re really missing the opportunity to convert some clients.

Einige Leute denken, dass Callouts einfach nur kitschig sind, aber sie funktionieren. Sie arbeiten auf mehreren Ebenen.

3 Gründe, warum Handlungsaufforderungen funktionieren:

  • Verwendbarkeit – If your page is designed well, with little distractions, a callout will gain the attention of the customers – making it obvious where they can click to navigate, download, register, etc. There’s nothing worse than getting a visitor’s attention, then losing them because they don’t know where to click next.
  • Optionen – Just as important, visitors will often come to your site because they landed there from a search, it’s important to provide them a path to continue your relationship. They may have found what they are looking for, but offering them something else can keep them coming back!
  • Neugier – There’s a certain percentage of users who just like to click on stuff. Providing a nice bold callout can provide them with the target they’re looking for. Additionally, it could bring you a new sale.

If a call to action with a bold callout isn’t on your check list when creating a website or email, be sure to add it today.

HINWEIS: Wie habe ich den Zähler gebaut? Der Zähler für das Callout war eine Kombination aus PHP und JavaScript. Das Onclick-Ereignis für das Callout verwendet tatsächlich einen Bildaustausch, um die Anzahl zu erhöhen. Auf diese Weise wird die Anzahl mit jedem Klick erhöht, jedoch nicht mit jedem Laden der Seite.

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