Sie wurden von MySpace betrogen

Mein PlatzI’ll start by saying that I don’t like MySpace. In fact, I can’t stand MySpace. I have a MySpace account so that I can keep track of my son, who his friends are, and what he’s writing and posting. He knows that’s the reason, and he’s okay with that. I give him a lot of freedom online, and in return, he doesn’t violate or use my trust. He’s a great kid.

It seems that everything I click in MySpace doesn’t respond or load fully. The user interface is excruciatingly terrible. I read online that it’s one of the top sites on the net. I’m not sure why, it’s terrible.

Jetzt kommt die Wahrheit von MySpace ...

1. MySpace ist KEIN viraler Erfolg.
2. ist Spam 2.0.
3. Tom Anderson hat MySpace NICHT erstellt.Tom
4. MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe is connected to a past of spam.
5. MySpace war ein direkter Angriff auf

So… it winds up that MySpace is merely a site designed as a cash cow for advertising. Pretty nasty huh? All the lurid details are in a ‘tell all’ from Trent Lapinski, a reporter who has uncovered the truth about MySpace at Talwag.

Klang schattig? Ja, das denke ich auch. Noch schlimmer ist, dass die Besitzer von MySpace, Newscorp, have allegedly been trying to cover the truth up through harassment and legal wrangling. It’s sad that a news organization… someone protected by the Constitution and keepers of the ‘truth’ would be involved in such a nasty business. This is yet another blow to a large news organization… perhaps another last breath of a dying giant.

Was denken Sie?

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